Baccarat strategy

Often it is considered, and rightly so, that a game like Baccarat purely depends on luck and there cannot be any strategy that one can use, to maximize their chances of winning. But, Baccarat does have a few do’s and dont’s that can prove to quite useful while playing the game. Other than that there is no other strategy, or so-called strategies that a few people make you believe, or a fixed format that a person can use to gain advantage or maximize his chances of winning the game.

While visiting a land based casino the first thing about Baccarat that will catch your fancy is the involvement of each and every individual in tracking the results of the hand. This trend, if it can be called one, is called pattern chasing or pattern spotting.

The actual reason behind them doing this is that they are trying to find a specific pattern of the outcome of the hands. Please do not mistake them to be intelligent, because its just plain superstition and nothing else. The reality is you cannot predict a pattern, except to guess it and hit the bull’s eye, in case you are lucky.

The best thing is to just enjoy the moment and the atmosphere, rather than getting carried away by the practice of other people. Just think, if just by noting numbers of the previous games anybody could win the game of Baccarat then noting down numbers would have been banned by the casino, or termed as cheating.

In Baccarat, you are not allowed to change your bet mid-hand. Card counting is a good way, but the instances of winning a game after card counting number of previous games that ultimately it isn’t worth the time and the effort.

The best thing to do is to keep an account of you wins and loses. If you win, congrats, but pack your bag and leave as being too greedy to win more can eventually result in losing all your winning, and in some cases even more. In case you have lost, maybe try another game provided you haven’t lost a major chunk of money already, tell yourself maybe its not my day today and just walk away from the casino. In most cases doing this two things right can be one hell of a useful thing to do. So, keep this in mind and enjoy the game.