Craps Strategy

A good Strategy can make winning lot more certain. But, if you are searching the Internet to find some clue as to what to bet and where, you won’t be too lucky. Unlike other games such as blackjack etc., for craps there are very few strategies that are available. The reason being, craps is a little less structured and a lot more random game, which makes it all the more unpredictable. The only strategy you can follow is just like blackjack, just keep betting on the best bet there is, the Pass Line bet with Odds, but after sometime it can become quite boring.

There is one more feature of crap, that you may call fascinating or anything you like. But, the best of people after playing crap for sometime start making bets they usually won’t make, that includes doing all kinds of silly things. This could perhaps be the outcome of getting bored of placing the same bets again and again. Pass Line bets and Place bets take some while so you may feel itchy to do something, which may lead you to all the silly things.

The first thing to pay attention is your expectations from your bankroll i.e. how much bankroll are you happy with? Most people play the game with expectations that are not at all realistic, to say the least. They also decide well in advance that if they will make an X-amount of money, they will leave. Though, experts believe if you can walk out with 20% more of the total money you brought, you have done very well for yourself. Having said that, sometimes it becomes very difficult to resist the temptation. Another important thing is that, a lot of people walk in to the casino with just one set of thinking: Win or loss. Actually, discounting a few percentage of your bankroll may actually work as well spent entertainment money. And mind you, that can be the cheapest, not to forget most exciting entertainment you will find.

The second strategy could be to make the maximum use of your luck. Say for example you win early. Once that happens, keep all the money that you had brought aside and continue to play with the extra amount you just won. This will ensure that the fun is not lost and yet you can go back and return the next day.

The one thing that surely needs to be remembered is to give tips. It is a common practice in most casinos, to tip the dealers. Tipping in scraps is a lot different from all other games. Tipping the dealer ensures that you are going to have a much better time playing craps.

All of the above are strategies that are based more on the basics of the game. It is better off to keep them in mind while playing the game.