Casino Deposit Methods

The below mentioned information provides you the various casino deposit methods you can use to deposit or withdraw your money. The below mentioned methods are common to all casinos, except a few US casinos.

Credit Cards:
It is the most common methods used, but a huge number of credit cards companies are recently refusing to accept or make gambling related payments.

Personal Internet Accounts:
Since huge numbers of US companies are refusing to accept payments through credit cards, most online casinos have started using an alternative method called “ Personal Internet Accounts”. A personal Internet account can either be funded by a credit card or a bank account.

Online ATM debit cards:
Some personal Internet accounts are tied to an ATM debit card. You can use this debit card to shop both online as well as online, and even withdraw your balance from a local ATM machine.

Checks are written orders to instruct your bank to transfer money from your account to the account of the check-holder. In most cases, checks are used to send your winnings.

Money orders:
Also called registered checks, they are easily available at your local bank. You can issue a personal money order without even having a checking account.

900 pay:
This service is only available in USA and Canada. This service charges blocks of time to the phone bill of your landline. Using this service is actually quite simple. All a player has to do is pick up a phone, dial the number and then use his phone keypad to make a transaction from a list of deposit amount options given to him.

Western Union:
Western Union is one of the oldest and the first company that allows such a transaction. Though it was set up in USA, today its services are available throughout the world, any place any time. While people staying in USA can use their credit cards to transfer the money in their online casino account, people staying elsewhere can send it through the nearest Western Union office in their country.

A payment processing and clearing network, it is a first of its kind as far as sending and receiving money is concerned. It allows you to make online purchase using prepaid phone cards, usually of the denomination of Twenty, Fifty and hundred dollars.