Online Casino Reviews

The rating criteria for online casinos is as follows:

A casino’s popularity is often the most important criteria taken into consideration. The simple reason behind this being that for an online casino to be popular it has to have some good qualities or something better than all other casino’s.

Customer Service:
There are chances of a player needing help in certain matters. In such cases a trained personnel with all the adequate knowledge can be quite useful. There should be live customer support, through telephone or online chat, to help the players playing the online version of the casino game.

Player Retention:
Increase in competition and too many casinos’ has made it mandatory that a casino must offer its players much more than usual. This includes welcome bonus, monthly bonus, Comp programs, surprise gifts and freebies, points programs, Payout percentages etc. etc.

Such programs, along with all the mandatory things like good ambience, fair play and so on, make sure that the player feels really comfortable and therefore never goes to any other casino. Higher the retention rate the more popular will be the casino.

Casino Software:
Looks and the ease of playing is highly desirable. No one likes a complex, fuddy-duddy, and a slower download version. The casino shall look at the type of software it uses, graphics appearance and performance, variety of games etc, to keep the player highly interested and loyal toward the casino. Some of the best online casino software are RTG, Microgaming and Vegas Technology.

Speed of Payouts:
Offering numerous ways of payments and having not too complex procedure for making winning payments can help the casino quite a bit. If a casino makes payment quickly and efficiently, along with the most convenient mode of payment, the player feels good about the casino. This opens up more chances of the player revisiting the place and the casino becoming more and more popular.