Online Poker Rooms

Read reviews of the best poker rooms available online. Each of these online poker sites have excellent reputations.

Part poker review:
Party poker room is a fantastic room to play. The room is always packed with pokers players wanting to play the game.

A new player at party poker is given a 20% bonus on his first deposit. The maximum bonus that one can receive is $100, with a $500 deposit.

Not only does it provide great variety of games, the party poker room also renders opportunity to participate in tournaments by paying a small entry-level fees. All in all, a great room to play poker.

Superior poker:
A room that you will get addicted to is the best way to describe the superior poker room. If you want a quality experience of playing the game of poker this is surely the room to play at. Unlike other rooms which get boring after some time, the superior poker grows on you the more you play and one finds it very difficult to leave this particular room. The main reason for this being that a person feels like missing on a few things if he hasn’t visited the superior poker room. This room also provides you with numerous tournament options, the list of which is available when you visit the room.

The advertisement of this room reads ‘ We’re serious about poker’, and I can’t help but agree with the same.

Noble Poker:
This room has great graphics and combines both character animations and crisp quick play brilliantly. A player at the moment can just play three games in this room, they are Texas Holdem, Omaha & Omaha hi/low. Since the room does not have too many players, it offers special offers to woo the people to come to play the game. The room is still in its nascent stage and will soon add a whole lot more features that will make it even more likeable.

Fair Poker:
The first playtech room, it boasts of some excellent graphics. Since the room is new, there are not many players that visit the room. So, if you are looking to get into the thick of the action with other players this room may not suit you well. But, having said that I would suggest that one must sign up and visit the room for the sheer experience of playing on a playtech software. The software is really cool and anybody who likes the game will enjoy playing in this room

Empire Poker:
Since this room uses the same software as Party Poker, all the games and features is absolutely similar to Party Poker. The room doesn’t offer anything new as a player can visit Party Poker and get all the stuff that this room provides.