Pai Gow Rules

Pai Gow poker is a unification of the American poker and the ancient Chinese dominos game of Pai Gow. The casino game is played with a deck of regular cards and has very elaborate rules. An original version of Baccarat or Chemin de fer, Pai Gow actually means Make Nine. The main objective of the casino game is to assemble two hands of cards that are ranked higher than the banker’s two hands. Casino Tropez Info is one of the best casinos to play Pai Gow.

The casino player is dealt seven cards face up. The cards are divided into two hands of five and two hands respectively. Similarly, the dealer is dealt seven cards face down. The player first arranges his cards and after he is done with, he clicks ready to show the dealers cards. The person who has the higher ranked card is adjudged the winner. The cards are compared on a simple basis, five-card hands are compared to each other and two-card hands are compared to each other. A combined higher rank doesn’t make a winner. For a player to win, the value of both the hands should be higher than the dealer. In case, a player wins one and loses another, the result is said to be a push and the bet is returned. Jokers are usually turned into aces, except completing a straight. The joker is the highest missing card in the flush.

If a player wishes to change the arrangement of his cards, he too can use the same method as used by the dealer. The method is pretty simple. All a player needs to do is press the Arrange button after the cards have been dealt. The dealer though has a unique method for arranging his cards. The method used by the dealer is very similar to the method used by Caesar’s Palace.

The only thing, if you can call it a strategy, is to know how to set the two hands and how much money should one bet. The basic and the simplest strategy is to make the highest possible 2-card hand. But, it should be less than a 5-card hand. By doing this you will have an option of showing your cards to the dealer who will show you the way to play with those cards. But, there is another confusion. Since pairs most probably win 2-card hand and 2 pairs win 5-card hand, it is a bit confusing to decide when to split the two pairs.